By Julia DeYoung
Assistant News Editor

The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, also known as PASSHE, has seen the most significant decrease in enrollment in over two decades. 

Across their 14 universities in the state, enrollment is down 5.4%. This is part of a 12-year consecutive decline in enrollment, according to Jan Murphy of Penn Live

“Total enrollment for the 2021 fall semester is 7,675, down slightly from last fall (7,892 students),” stated a news brief from KU.

Overall, KU’s enrollment is at a slight decrease but their graduation rate is up 5% from the previous year. High school grade point averages from fall 2021’s freshman class is up 0.5% which is the most in recorded history. 

“We will need to continue the great work our faculty do with academic advising, our staff do with supporting students outside the classroom, and our students do with encouraging each other to succeed,” said Dr. Warren Hilton, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs. 

KU’s incoming class has an all-time high minority population of 26% while the university overall has a student population’s diversity standing at 23%, as stated in the KU news brief. 

“When diversity increases, there leaves more of an opportunity to learn about various different cultures,” says Gwenyth DiPrinzio, freshman. 

As a community, KU is committed to promoting diversity with each incoming class. If a student is ever feeling discomfort or bias, they can report the incident to the University Community Response Team.

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