By Devin Bender
Head Sports Editor

KU’s won against Lock Haven (LHU) 32-15 on Oct. 26. The loss was the twelfth year in a row that KU has beat LHU.

Early in the first quarter, KU scored a touchdown but missed the extra point attempt. KU led the game 6-0.

However, following the missed extra point. LHU’s Levi Engle caused KU’s Zaire Jones to fumble the ball. LHU failed to score any point from the turnover.

LHU scored their first touchdown with a pass from quarterback Ethan Persa to Isia Gonzelez . LHU’s Hunter Hess scored the extra point giving LHU the lead against KU, 7-6.

KU’s quarterback Erik Nickle tossed a 5-yard pass to Kurtis Ravenel Jr. to put KU back in the lead. KU attempted a two-point conversion but was ultimately unsuccessful and left the score at 12-7.

KU found its way back into LHU’s territory. KU’s Novak ran for a one-yard touchdown. This time KU did not miss the extra point, making the score 19-7 at the half.

The second half began with KU’s Nickel finding Novak open for a 44-yard touchdown. KU missed the extra point but stayed in the lead at 25-7.

LHU was not ready to give up on fighting back. Persa handed the ball off to Dante Graham for a successful nine-yard touchdown. Following the touchdown, LHU added a two-point conversion to their score, but KU still led the game 25-15.

Under pressure, Nickel threw an intercepted pass. However, due to a holding on the field, the interception was ruled incomplete.

KU scored the final touchdown of the night with a successful field goal attempt, securing their win, 32-15. KU defeated LHU at their own Homecoming game. 

KU hosts their own Homecoming Oct. 30 against Millersville at Andre Reed Stadium.

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