When it comes to career development, start early

Take advantage of KU’s tools to help land jobs, internships

By Maverick Stock

The Career Development Center at KU reaches out to students through e-mail on a weekly basis. These e-mails inform students of upcoming events in order to build professional skills for real world experience.

The center reaches out to interested students looking for internships or future work after graduation about employers arriving on campus.

Joe Desiato, class of 2016, did not start to use the Career Development Center until later in his college career, a feat that he is not proud of.

Desiato regrets not using the CDC until later in his college career.

A former business major, Desiato found himself in a major he did not like. The Career Development Center helped open his eyes and understand this was not the major for him. He switched his major to communication

studies and decided to make regular trips to use the center as often as he could.

He continued to visit his final year, bringing them his resumé so that he could perfect it before it was sent out to different companies looking to hire a soon-to-be graduate in the communication field. Desiato did not find a job, or an internship.

Although this sounds disappointing, he is proud of the way his resume turned out and since graduation he has received multiple job offers and it is thanks to the help of the CDC.

Desiato encourages students to start early. “Work hard now, it pays off down the road…get into the career development center early and often,” he said.

As mentioned before, it is clear that the career development center is a tool that is not being used to its maximum potential, and as another KU graduate Cole Davidheiser said, “The Career Development Center is likely the most [underutilized] program at KU.”

As a student who did not use it until his last semester, Davidheiser urges younger students not to wait until the same time he did to begin using the career development services.

Davidheiser, who was a Connections facilitator his senior year, worked with incoming freshmen, alongside the development services to influence the first year students to get into the center and use this tool early upon their arrival on campus.

Although he found himself an internship with Lehigh Carbon Community College relations office without the help of the Career Development Center, he explains the staff are always happy and eager at all times to work with students looking to get a head start on their personal and professional development.

In his time there, Davidheiser explains that the Career Development Center gave him plenty of information about searching for jobs, where exactly to look for jobs concerning his major focus and how to narrow the job search to specific professions that suited his search criteria.

In the time spent here at KU, for students of all ages, it is important that a career path is something you establish sooner rather than later.

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