“KUMU has made me a better person, and I will forever be in debt to it for what it has done for me.”

By Abby Regensburger

The ‘21-’22 marching unit
Photo Credit: Abby Regensburger

On March 4th, marching band enthusiasts will come together to celebrate the unofficial holiday known as Marching Band Day.

The goal of Marching Band Day is to bring attention to marching arts and honor the musicians and performers who dedicate their time to the craft.

KU has its own marching unit known by the acronym KUMU. KUMU provides music and entertainment at events on and off-campus, such as football games, festivals, parades, and more. 

Giving students the opportunity to strengthen their talents, earn course credits, and create lifelong friendships has made the marching unit a meaningful experience for many involved.

Matthieu Maier conducting KUMU
Photo Credit: Abby Regensburger

Matthieu Maier, a senior majoring in Music Education, said serving as a KUMU drum major for the past two years has had a profound impact on his life. “Through my collaboration with Dr. Neuenschwander and my peers, I’ve learned the value of dedication, teamwork, and friendship. We all worked tirelessly towards a common goal, with many bumps along the way, but KUMU made it out of the season stronger than ever. And as a musician, the crowd reaction to our performances will always be a source of inspiration for me. Hearing the roar of the audience at a climactic point in the show is a feeling I wish I could describe because it is truly otherworldly. Simply put, being a part of KUMU has made me a better person, and I will forever be in debt to it for what it has done for me.“

KUMU is currently composed of winds, brass, percussion (drumline and front ensemble) and color guard (flag, weapon, and twirler.) 

Dr. Neuenschwander conducting KUMU
Photo Credit: Abby Regensburger

Dr. Daniel Neuenschwander, Director of Bands at KU, said there are important benefits to thestudent body from what KUMU provides to the KU community. “First, it provides a lot of energy and spirit for the students and fans who attend a KU Golden Bear football game. The students (and staff) of KUMU provide an incubation space for chants, visuals, and engagement with students, fans, alumni, and faculty/staff at KU during game days. Further, KUMU allows our students who directly participate through marching, making music, and managing the band an outlet for their growth as both a student and as they enter into life after KU. I would be so bold as to say that KUMU, in many ways, is one of the greatest sources of campus community, family, pride, and spirit at KU. KUMU truly represents so many students who call KU home for college.”

Students interested in joining KUMU should fill out the online membership form here or email Dr. Neuenschwander at neuensch@kutztown.edu. 

KUMU is also in search of students to assist with the band. They are currently looking for a videographer, photographer, social media/website developer, and members of KREWMU (band student staff.)


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