Social media key tool for recruiters

LinkenIn still top dog, but Facebook on rise

By Donald Whitesall

Social media is a specific target of recruiters in the workforce, and in 2016, people can use this to their advantage to secure a job in their field. This means that you may want to scrub your profile of superfluous or unprofessional content.

Job recruiters are using LinkedIn, a professional networking site, more than ever. While Facebook may be the largest social media network, companies trust LinkedIn because of the professional nature of the platform.

A large number of companies are scouring the depths of candidates’ social media accounts as a way to see what people are like outside of the professional world. In the present day Zuckerbook.jpegjob market, a number of media outlets are reporting that there is a connection between being hired and having a professional social media presence.

Brooke Torres, an author for the online career resource The Muse, wrote an article that states the importance of social media for job seekers.

In “Job Seekers: Social Media is Even More Important Than You Thought,” she drops some serious numbers.

“In fact, 92 percent of companies are using social media for hiring- and we’re not only talking about LinkedIn,” said Torres.

Social media is a large part of the world at the moment, and it would be foolish for companies not to use various platforms to monitor their possible candidates.

Social Times, a website dedicated to the statistics behind social media, PR and advertising, provides a slew of information on keeping it clean and professional.

Shea Bennett writes, “This is where LinkedIn really matters – 79 percent of recruiters make hires through the business social network, compared to 26 percent for Facebook and just 14 percent for Twitter.”

The article shows some infographics. Fifty-five percent of hiring managers had

second thoughts on a candidate based on social media findings. Sixty-one percent stated that they found something they were not happy about.

Another surprising statistic is that 66 percent of managers looking for new hires said they would see spelling and grammar errors as a negative. Keeping everything correct and orderly is the best bet.

While some may be lamenting their social media etiquette in the past, not everything is bleak. These growing platforms are paving the way toward better candidate pools and hiring processes for jobs.

According to the same infographic, there has been a 49 percent increase in candidate quality, a 43 percent increase in candidate numbers and a 32 percent boost in referrals. Seventy percent of recruiters are investing more in social recruiting as well.

Looking to the future, LinkedIn still remains the top space for recruiters to find candidates. Taking advantage of this will be beneficial to all looking for a job in the professional world.

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