Communication studies majors: make connections, use them

Graduates leverage professors, experiences to create opportunities

By Maverick Stock

Communication studies is a widespread major and it is important that students choose the focus that appeals to them most.

As a communication student goes through college, it is important to look to those who have been involved in the profession for guidance and for students to build an interest in the profession so that he or she knows that it will fit.

Nicole Valenti, class of 2016, found a job quickly but the job she found was not the ideal position she saw herself entering after graduation.

Spending her days assisting a construction camera company’s executive group, Valenti hopes this is her first stepping-stone on the way to her dream job. She hopes one day to work in a public relations or communication firm.

Nicole had some advice to offer students entering communications studies. She said, “ narrow the communication studies down with an advisor and find the focus that suits you most.” As someone who immediately knew communication studies was the major she wanted to pursue, she had to follow an older class check sheet that required her to study numerous different aspects of communication.

Valenti gives advice for incoming students that may sound repetitive since arrival on a college campus. She said, “Become as involved on campus as you can handle, to take your classes seriously and to attend as often as you can.”

As a graduating student with very little experience in the professional world, Valenti understands that finding a dream job opportunity comes with time dedicated to working in a field which may not necessarily be the place where she wants to end up.

This is a frequent reality that recent graduates face as they enter the professional world.

Eric Wilson, class of 2012, was an electronic media major with minors in both public relations and professional writing.

Wilson emphasizes taking advantage of the tools we have here on campus although he did not use all the

resources offered to him, he connected to professors within the communication department to aid him in his search for jobs and internships.

Since he graduated, Wilson has moved to Los Angeles and works on various productions with numerous responsibilities to juggle throughout the day.

Although he mentions the multi-tasking aspect of his job is a tough one, but because he loves every different task his job entails Wilson said, “Going to work every day, rarely feels like going to work.”

In his time at KU, Wilson interned at the University Relations office and for the Reading Express, an arena football team in Reading, who eventually offered him a job being the assistant director of marketing.

Wilson is one of the success stories, this isn’t how all students should expect their career to take off a few years after leaving the university.

Desiato was not lucky enough to have a job immediately following graduation and had a tough time finding an internship that was for him in his time at the university.

While he did well and enjoyed his time at KU, Joe was late to use the tools offered by the university to help him after graduation.

Desiato offers a bit of advice towards the younger students, and said, “Students should meet with their advisors and visit the Career Development Center early and often in college to help them get a grasp on what they will want to do for the rest of their lives.”

Desiato mentions that the job search was hard after graduation, but with help from the Career Development Center he created his “perfect resumé” and the job search became easier. Desiato was offered a wide range of jobs from marketing and sales positions to human resources.

These graduates are now on to the professional world, at different levels in their career and can always reach out to the university at any time for connections to new opportunities.

This is a benefit of the communication studies department and their ability to network, and although this is not where our graduates will be in five years, KU communication studies is certainly one of the reasons they have gotten to where they are today.



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