Contributing Writer Melissa Fatzinger

KU’s Community Outreach Center (COC) recently held a Period Packing Party to support homeless people who menstruate. Volunteers packed over 4,500 products and distributed them to Sixth Street Shelter in Allentown, Pa. 

Attendees packed 500 wipes, 1,250 panty liners, 750 tampons and 1,500 daytime pads in addition to some last minute donations. Along with a slip that named the contents of each bag, some people also left encouraging messages and affirmations inside.

The COC’s Hunger and Homeless Coordinator Olivia Harris put the party together. Her goal was to “bring a lot more awareness to the necessity of donating more period products,” said Harris on the COC Instagram. 

Access to sanitary items is a massive problem for the homeless population. On average, an individual can be supplied two pads during her cycle. That number is entirely insufficient, so the hope is that volunteers will be able to make a positive change in their community.

The CEO of the Homeless Period Project Laurie Rovin visited tha packing party virtually on Zoom and spoke about the company’s journey and how the need for feminine hygiene products is never-ending.

To complete the party, the COC offered live music and food for the volunteers who took time out of their day to help. 

If you would still like to show your support, the Community Outreach Center is also collecting crafts, coloring books, crayons, toys and boots through Dec. 8.

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