By Michael Alberto
Freeform Editor

TRIO Student Support Services is a federally-funded program that works towards assisting students in their undergraduate and post-undergraduate careers. 

Students that are eligible to take part in TRIO are able to take advantage of the many resources available for them to further ensure success throughout their time at KU and beyond. 

As a part of TRIO, students are able to talk with different advisors specific to the program, and students are additionally allowed access to an upper-class mentor that can assist them throughout the program from a student perspective. 

Trio sign in the library
Credit: vincent Lattanzi

TRIO additionally offers special employment opportunities as well as activities hosted by the organization to increase student involvement and engagement. 

KU junior Janisa Cruz has been a member of the TRIO program since their freshman year, and they find that the program “provides a level of support for me in college… They know what it’s like to be a first-generation student and really strive to make their students feel welcomed.” 

Additionally, Cruz first learned about the Writing Center and the Student Success Center through the TRIO First Year Seminar course and was able to capitalize off of the resources they learned about through both their FYS course and their advisors. 

Students that are eligible can apply to become a part of TRIO at this link, which will guide them to the steps on how to apply.

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