Carin Holmes
News Editor

A new discussion group, Mixed Feelings, has formed at KU for those who are biracial or of mixed race. The group is meant for them to discuss the difficulties they face and form a supportive community. 

The organizer of Mixed Feelings is Nevada Walker, who is a junior majoring in Music Education. She says that she attended a talk hosted by the group Mixed In America after struggling with her racial identity.

Credit: Nevada Walker
Description: Event Flyer for Mixed Feelings

“I felt disconnected from my Black community and my Austrian community,” Walker says.

After attending she felt, “understanding and acceptance,” and began posting on Instagram about her experience. She found that others had similar stories, and decided to create the Mixed Feelings group at KU to help others who may feel the same way she feels.

Walker says that the goal of this group is to, “allow other people to figure out their mixed identity and have a sense of community.” 

In the future, Walker hopes that Mixed Feelings will be able to collaborate with other groups on campus, as well as similar groups on other college campuses. 

Mixed Feelings will hold its first meeting on Oct. 8 at 4 p.m. at the Women’s Center in the Boxwood House. 


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