By Spencer Ford
Recruitment and Retention Manager 

From Sept. 13 to the 24, the Women’s Center has put together the “What Were You Wearing?” project, on display in the MSU. The display is featured along the wall next to the Starbucks.

Content warning: the rest of this article will discuss topics of sexual violence and assault.

 “What Were You Wearing Project.”
Credit: Christine Price

This project contains articles of clothing as a visual display for students. Next to the articles of clothing are shared descriptions of survivors of sexual violence and what they were wearing when they experienced that violence. 

On the walls of the MSU, clothing ranges from pajamas to a prom dress. Each display also has a section of writing from the survivor, further explaining their experience. Underneath the prom dress reads, “My prom dress… Don’t know if that needs much more explanation.” 

Students could be seen walking along the walls of this exhibit, reading each account and taking in the heaviness that surrounded them. On Sept. 20 there was a table set up in the MSU to help answer questions and provide resources to students. The table included members from It’s On Us, Safe Berks and The Women’s Center. 

The purpose of the “What Were You Wearing?” project is to have viewers think about how clothing does not determine whether or not someone is sexually assaulted, and how common this traumatic experience truly is.

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