By Michael Alberto
Freeform Editor

After a year of several students being at home, many KU students are beginning to fully discover (or rediscover) the nooks and crannies of KU’s campus. One place, in particular, provides an offering of information unlike other places on campus: the Archives, which are located on the second floor of the Rohrbach Library in room 203. 

Matthew Bandy,
Courtesy of the Rohrbach Archives

Sue Czerny is the Digital Initiatives and Archive Librarian. She has been working as the Archives’ librarian for four years and has been working at the university for almost 30 years.

Matthew Bandy, a digital curator for the Archives’ website, maintains the website. Additionally, he sets up displays of archives around the library, uploads documents and items to the digital Archives and organizes the donations received to the Archives. 

Susan Czerny, Head Archivist
Courtesy of the Rohrbach Archives

“ [The Archives] give us a sense of shared history, a sense of community, and gives us more pride in Kutztown University to see how long it has been established,” said Bandy. 

The Archives connects past and present students to the history of the university. Decades of history about the KU community and campus can be accessed here, and it provides an opportunity to read about how KU has developed and evolved over the many decades. 

Bandy’s favorite find while working with the Archives was a box of artifacts from former English professor William Deatrick (the namesake of Deatrick Hall). Bandy found Deatrick’s teaching certificate from KU in “surprisingly good condition.” 

Students can visit the Archives from when the library opens until 3:30 p.m. on most days to see the many documents they have to offer, and anyone can access the Archives digitally through their website.

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