By Carin Holmes
News Editor

Credit: Maya Ostermiller

With the spring 2021 semester coming to a close, Kayla Sherry and Meg Gooding are looking toward the fall 2021 semester when the pair will begin their terms on the Student Government Board (SGB) as president and vice president respectively.

“I have always been passionate about leadership and advocacy, so I saw the opportunity to make a positive impact on this university by running for Student Body President,” said Sherry in an email to The Keystone.

Sherry is a rising junior who was first elected to the SGB in the spring of 2020. Since being elected last spring as a representative of the College of the Visual and Performing Arts, Sherry has also served as the Public Relations Subcommittee chair for the 2020-21 school year. 

Gooding is a sophomore who is about to complete her second semester with the SGB. She was inspired to run for the position of vice president when she saw her friends running for positions as well. 

“Being vice president deals with students, which I enjoy, and I thought it would be perfect for me,” said Gooding.

When asked about what they believe to be one of the biggest issues the SGB will need to confront in the fall, both Sherry and Gooding discussed issues relating to COVID-19.

“I think the biggest issue is when we transition from online to in-person,” Gooding said. 

“I hope to collaborate on a safe reopening plan that might involve things like move-in testing, PPE [personal protective equipment] availability and even COVID-19 vaccination opportunities if possible,” said Sherry.

Sherry said that she would also like to work with the Wellness Committee to create programming similar to what was seen on Wellness Days to give students an opportunity to de-stress and focus on their mental health. She also plans to advocate for making sure that students get appropriate time off during the semester.


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