By Sabrina Betterly
News Editor

The plan was to hold this three-hour-long event from 3-6 p.m. outside on the DMZ, but it was moved at the last minute inside the McFarland Student Union (MSU) building in rooms 223 and 218 due to cloudy weather.

Students enjoy coloring booth at Kindness Karnival Credit: Kutztownu on Instagram

The KU club Friends of Rachel held their annual Kindness Karnival on April 14, where many different clubs hosted booths with activities for students to enjoy. 

Activities included tie-dye shirt making, ice cream service from Pops, cornhole, rock painting and many more activities. The Friends of Rachel also hosted a chain making activity in which members and students created links containing positive messages. 

The Friends of Rachel have hosted the Kindness Karnival for the past nine years to promote good health and spread kindness. 

This year, though the carnival moved indoors, it was well received by students. 

“I was painting rocks and watching that station. I really thought it turned out to be an amazing event. It was nice to see students out and walking around, making crafts, eating food and enjoying ice cream from Pops,” said KU student Christopher Scarmack. 

“I worked the paranormal association booth and did some tie-dye, and it was a fun time,” added another KU student, Skyler Mener. 


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