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Twitch Streamer Julien Solomita Proposes to former YouTuber Jenna Marbles

By Jenny Wallace
Arts & Entertainment Editor

After dating her for eight years, vlogger Julien Solomita announced his proposal to Jenna Marbles live on Twitch.

The couple has been public about their relationship for many years now, first appearing together on Marbles’ Youtube channel. Together, they have done couples’ challenges, trends and plenty of dog videos. In fact, prior to popping the question, Solomita had asked Marbles’ dog, Mr. Marbles, for permission to marry her.

Marbles’ Youtube Channel still has over 20 million subscribers despite her being offline for over 10 months now due to resurfacing ‘problematic’ videos from over 10 years ago. However, Solomita still streams regularly

Although Marbles no longer maintains an internet presence, Solomita shared a picture of her ring during his stream. 

Read more about the newly engaged couple on E! News.

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