By Sabrina Betterly
News Editor

KU will host its first wellness day on Feb. 11 when there will be a variety of activities for students and faculty to enjoy.

As a replacement for traditional spring break, KU has planned five wellness days throughout the semester to give students and faculty a break and to encourage a day of rest from the grind of classes. 

List of all events on the Feb. 11 wellness day. Photo cred: kuwellnessdays on Instagram

The Kutztown Wellness Day Committee is taking charge of organizing events planned for the wellness days, and preparations are in full swing for the Feb. 11 and March 10 wellness days.

The first wellness day on Feb. 11 will feature a variety of events on campus, including yoga, mediation, food and workshops, and almost every event has giveaways which anyone can enter for a chance to win a self-care package. 

“It’s also a great way to get people out and moving.” said Christopher Scarmack, a KU freshman who is a member of the committee. 

When asked how these events were chosen Scarmack said, “Well, the ideas were made up because, the truth is, COVID-19 took a toll on many people. People need time to just relax, take a day off, and focus on their wellness. That’s why the day includes meditation, yoga, workshops, and fun events throughout the day.”

The events will have limitations on the amount of people who can participate at one time due to social distancing requirements.

“As you know, spring break is different this year, and it’s not what everyone wanted. But it’s the best option during a pandemic,” Scarmack added.

Scarmack encourages everyone who is interested in attending the events to RSVP. on Engage as soon as possible to secure a spot to attend in person, and anyone who is uncomfortable attending in person will be able to participate in alternative activities on Zoom. 

For more information and to stay up to date about the events, including future wellness days, check out their Instagram page @kuwellnessdays


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