By Jenny Wallace
Arts & Entertainment

On Jan. 15, Colourpop finally publicized their makeup collaboration with the popular Nintendo game Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Although the news was leaked on Dec. 31, no one saw what was inside the packaging. 

Once it was officially announced on twitter, fans knew what the makeup in the collection actually looked like. The makeup community and Animal Crossing fandom had much to say about it.

“It’s beautiful…I NEED THEM ALL!!!” said @xoselenaa_.

“MY BELLS ARE READYYYYY,” said @lookalivespidey.

But some twitter users were less than thrilled.

@hyndman_liz said, “Nothing new to see here.”

“those eyeshadow palettes…colourpop you can do better or do u just not want to ??” said @endymion.

Many questioned how much the makeup would cost, as beauty products come at a steep price. Colourpop posted each item cost on their Instagram, and fans were not happy, as the four-pan palettes cost $12 each, much more costly than their previous collections.

“Why are the quad palettes the same price as nine pan palettes?” said @iipanicked.

While @slayshamsa said, “The Hello Kitty palette was $16…$1.77 per shade…”

Although some are outraged by the expensive price tag, the chances of this collection selling out instantly are still high. Colourpop’s Sailor Moon collection sold out immediately and then again after restock, as seen on Reddit. With Animal Crossing’s massive fan base, there’s a fair chance many won’t make it to their online shopping carts.

With (almost) every beauty brand, comes a scandal. Angela, AKA @doodlesbythebunny, is an artist known on Instagram for creating her own imaginary makeup palettes. Naturally, when the Animal Crossing collaboration was leaked, some wondered whether or not Colourpop had stolen Angela’s idea, as discussed on Reddit.

Despite the hate, both Nintendo and Colourpop are going to succeed with this collaboration. With a world full of Animal Crossing fanatics and beauty gurus, this collection has already excelled.
The collection will be available on on Jan. 28 at 10 a.m. PST.


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