By Ryan Murphy
Contributing Writer

With Halloween season brewing, it’s the perfect time for horror movies. Not everyone likes being scared, but everyone likes to laugh. For those who like a creepy, ghost-infested movie and inappropriate comedy, “Extra Ordinary” is sure to entertain.

“Extra Ordinary” was released in the United States in March 2020 as a combination of horror and rom-com. Maeve Higgins stars as Rose Dooley, and Barry Ward co-stars as her love interest, Martin Martin.

The story follows Rose as she copes with the loss of her father. She works as a driving instructor, but she possesses a supernatural power, a “talent,” which allows her to release trapped spirits into the afterlife. However, she refuses to use her talent after her father dies, afraid she will never see him again

Eventually, Rose meets Martin, who is haunted by his wife’s spirit. He is willing to live with it so he doesn’t have to let her go. When his daughter, Sarah, played by Emma Coleman, insists he get help to exorcise her mother from the house, Martin reaches out to Rose. 

Their attempt is interrupted when Sarah becomes part of a satanic ritual as a sacrifice. Now, Rose must overcome fear of her talent to save Sarah and win Martin’s love. 

The humor is awkward, but it only adds to the laughter. Best described as an adult comedy, the film is brimming with crude jokes, harsh language and plenty of sexual innuendos. There were times where the jokes fell flat, but they were undercut by others that made me laugh. 

For people who don’t enjoy being scared to death, this movie is a great way to get into the spooky season while still enjoying a good night’s sleep. Just watch out, because it might have you dying with laughter.

“Extra Ordinary” is rated R for violence, sexual content, and language. It is available to stream on Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video.


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