By Donovan Levine

The vice presidential debate on Oct. 7 had an unexpected visitor arrive as a fly landed on the luscious gray hair of former Indiana Governor Mike Pence for a whole two minutes.

This came as a shock to many who watched the debate, not realizing President Trump’s VP was actually Beelzebub, the Lord of the Flies, undercover.

Many on the internet were unsure if the fly was really a deep state micro-drone carrying the coronavirus, or if it was sent by Obama after his “no-fly-zone” debacle in Syria, but we can assure you this fly is very real and is also campaigning for president.

The Fly announced it would be entering the 2020 presidential race following the debate, claiming it wishes President Trump would no longer drain the swamp as it endangers many of its friends.

The Fly feels its species is heavily underrepresented, often associated in movies with rotten things and death. Not only would it be, if elected, the first non-human in the presidency, but it could also be the most progressive candidate in years by representing its own animal phylum.

The Fly has not chosen a running mate just yet, but sources say it may be an uncanny candidate: the spotted lantern fly.


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