KU Postpones Spring Commencement

By Maddie O’Shea
News Editor

KU has decided to postpone spring commencement to a later date due to pandemic concerns. It was originally set to be held on May 8 and 9. 

According to an online announcement on KU’s website, it will most likely be rescheduled during the fall semester. 

Degree requirements will be verified for students after the spring semester ends. Before August, diplomas will be sent in the mail.

For KU senior music education major Peyton Williams, commencement won’t have the same appeal in the fall as it would in the spring. However, she is also relieved it’s still scheduled in person.

“I’d rather have it in person and not completely online like what other institutions have done or called for,” said Williams. 

Solomon Araneta, a senior professional writing major, hasn’t quite completely comprehended it all.

“It’s quite the ball of emotions I don’t think I’ve really dealt with yet,” said Araneta. “There are people I didn’t get to say goodbye to, and leaving the only home I’ve ever really had is unimaginably difficult.”

Emily Schlegal, a senior cinema, television and media production major, understands the reasoning behind it but feels frustrated.

“I’ve been looking forward to graduating college since I was 17,” Schlegal said. “I know we should be thankful we’re healthy and at home. We are. But graduating is a major life milestone, and most people would be hard-pressed to miss out on it.”

Dylan Adams, a junior English major, emphasized with those who are graduating. 

“I feel terrible for the seniors, having their last stretch of the race just torn from them with little chance to say goodbye or give closure to the years at KU,” Adams said. 

While there is grief, there is also admiration for time spent at KU.

“There’s always something to learn from any experience,” Araneta said. “What I’ve learned from KU and my professors, both in-class and from the professors themselves as people, I’ll always carry with me.” 

Williams also praises her professors. 

“Even in this unprecedented time, they’re doing all they can to still teach us the material and make sure we get to the most out of the semester,” she said.

As Adams looks toward his final year, he fondly considers the people he has gotten to meet. 

“The diverse group of peers and classmates I have met constantly work to push one another to grow as individuals,” Adams said. “The sense of community has been groundbreaking.”

Keep an eye out for future commencement updates via KU announcements and social media.


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