KU welcomes club for Social Media Theory and Strategy students

By Li Ling Lee
Contributing Writer

The Social Media Strategists (SMS) Club joined the various student organizations in the spring 2020 semester. Their first meeting was on Feb. 19.

SMS Club is a private club for social media theory and strategy majors and minors.

With a turnout of 35 students, which was more than expected, the meeting started with the executive board members introducing themselves and the advisors.

Executive board members are president, Robert Scharf; vice president, Dylan Porcaro; secretary, Taylor Blain; treasurer, McKayla Grundahl; recruitment, Nicole Goldberg and public relations, Courtney Heiser. Advisors include social media professors Dr. Keith Massie and Dr. Urszula Pruchniewska.

Dr. Massie was a big proponent of the creation of the club. Last semester, an email was sent asking students who were interested to attend a meeting. The executive board members are some of the students who attended.

“He gave us a foundation to build ideas off of,” said founding member and recruitment chair, Nicole Goldberg.

SMS Club aims to provide a place for students to network, connect with alumni, participate in social media-related events and develop more skills in the social media field.

After becoming more established, Goldberg said the club hopes to branch out to other colleges and universities. Like Greek organizations, chapters would open and give social media students around the nation a chance to connect.

Further, a mascot and additional symbols were chosen to represent SMS Club. Spiders and SMS students are both connected to webs, which Goldberg said led them to choose it as a mascot.

Three symbols were also chosen to represent the club: #, @ and |.

The # symbol is an octothorpe, or hashtag, which represents connectedness. The @ sign represents individuality since it is used to tag or mention people online. The | is a figure known as “the pipe.” It is used in the coding program RStudio and represents the variety of choices people have.

“These are three characteristics we want to encompass as an organization: connectedness, individuality and difference.”

 SMS Club meets biweekly in Rickenbach 106. Future dates and times still to be announced.

Goldberg said, “I encourage all SMS majors and minors to join SMS Club. There will be great opportunities presented to you through this organization that might not happen otherwise. It is also a great way to connect with alumni in our field. Because our field is so new, we will stick together and learn as a team.”


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