KU moves to online classes for spring semester

By Maddie O’Shea
News Editor

With new information about the coronavirus emerging everyday, KU has decided to go online-only for the rest of the semester. 

In an email addressed to the student body, President Hawkinson wrote, “My previous decision asking all faculty to convert face-to-face classes to online or another form of technology by March 23, and to be taught using these methods for the following week, has been superseded by events.”

All on-campus events, athletic games, practices, etc. are cancelled. “Experiential learning assignments,” according to Hawkinson’s announcement, including internships, externships, clinicals, labs and student teaching, are suspended.

Students have been given instruction on dorm and apartment move out process. Information can be found in student emails. 

Students from all counties have been instructed to wait to move out until their counties’ restrictions are removed. Ultimately, all other students must move with all of their belongings out of their dorms or apartments. Some students may stay in emergency situations. 

In addition, all non-essential employees are to stay home beginning Tuesday, March 17. Both essential and non-essential employees will be telecommunicated with statuses. During this time, administrative offices will remain open.

News will continue to be updated. KU’s website and its page for the Health and Wellness Center are two essential spots to keep an eye out for new information.


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