Lytle Hall to be replaced, DeFrancesco, Poplar House to be renovated

By Kaylee Lindenmuth
News Editor

Two buildings on campus will be renovated and one replaced in the next few years according to Terry Brown, KU Assistant Vice President of Facilities Maintenance and Construction.

Brown spoke to the campus community during the Faculty and Staff Convocation on Aug. 24, where he noted that state funding had been allocated to three projects the university is planning, one of which will replace an academic building.

Lytle Hall, the subject of numerous health concerns in recent years, is set to be replaced around 2020 or 2021. The commonwealth has tentatively dedicated $17,510,785 to the project for the 2020-2021 fiscal year, while KU has allocated $5,900,000, according to Brown’s presentation. KU will also fund a feasibility study for the project, at a cost of $86,200.

Brown also noted in his presentation that, over the summer, a supplemental dehumidification system was installed in Lytle at a cost of $252,000. Last summer, the university spent nearly $2 million on a new HVAC system.

Brown also spoke of plans to complete a life cycle renovation of the DeFrancesco Building. For that project, Brown said the commonwealth has allocated $15 million, while KU will contribute $2.5 million.

He added that design proposals were submitted in July and reviewed on Aug. 28.

KU also plans to renovate the Poplar House, converting it into a visitor’s center, according to Brown.

For that project, he said the Commonwealth allocated $6,072,774, though he didn’t say how much KU would add.

“That is projected for funding for 2019-2020,” he said.

The renovations would expand the building, matching its original architecture, and it would add outdoor gathering areas.

“Our goal is to maintain the original architecture along the street, and that historical architectural element,” Brown said.


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