Winter weather causes multiple delays and closures reschedule events, push classes behind

By Maxine Ardelean

Contributing Writer


Over the past few months, KU has experienced multiple delays and closures due to winter weather conditions. Recent storms that have hit the region have caused setbacks in the schedules.

With the amount of snow the area has seen recently, the university has been forced to cancel classes for three full days, with three delayed openings on top of this. Each closure fell on a Wednesday, causing a major setback for courses held that day.

The cancellations and delays have forced some events on campus to be rescheduled, such as the annual internship and job fair. The event has now been rescheduled for April 11 and will still be held in the MSU building on campus from 12-3 p.m.

With the number of classes cancelled, the university has issued make-up dates in order to keep students and faculty on track, ensuring that they do not fall behind on course material. Criminal Justice major Haley Toth says that she has had to call out of work in order to attend a makeup session for a class on Tuesday, creating an inconvenience in her schedule.

Though the recent weather has caused many issues and setbacks, sophomore Jesse Todero sees the cancellations as a positive.

“I’ve had a lot more time to work on assignments on our days off,” said Todero. “Some of my professors even pushed assignments back so now I feel more ahead of my work than I was before”.

Students receive emails and text alerts from the university early in the morning on the day of to alert them of the cancellations. The university also posts alerts to its webpage.



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