KU students get geared up for Super Bowl Sunday

By Samantha Paine

With the upcoming Super Bowl holding the possibility of being a game that makes history, students all over campus are preparing themselves for the big day.

Considering Kutztown’s close relation to Philadelphia, many have been sporting their Eagles gear all week in support. Along with this, students have been making plans for the weekend, deciding where they are going to watch and what groups they’ll be watching with.

Madison Hayes, 20, a junior from Camden County, N.J., plans to head to Philadelphia to tailgate and watch the game in the city. “I live and breathe for the Eagles,” Hayes said. She also added that she’s optimistic about the outcome of the game for her team. “I’m going to the parade a couple days after the Super Bowl,” she said.

Some have even gone as far as decorating their workspaces. “The department chair (Cara Cotellese) is a fan of the Eagles, and she wanted to decorate (the lobby) in support of the Eagles,” said Melissa Lincoln, secretary for the department of cinema, television, and media production.

Others are looking forward to the possibility of another Patriots win. Colin Gavin, a junior from East Stroudsburg, Pa., said, “I feel blessed and spoiled watching my favorite team play in the super bowl once again. The talent level on this year’s Pat’s team lacks in comparison to past Super Bowl teams, but under Brady & Belichick, you can never count out the importance of scheme, preparation and experience.”

Of course, there are always those who are less concerned with football, and more excited for the bounty of snacks present at Super Bowl parties. Ashley Collischan, a 19-year-old sophomore majoring in social work, said she didn’t have a routing interest, but was looking forward to the festivities, nonetheless. “Really, I’m just going to a Super Bowl party for the food,” Collischan said. “My friends are huge fans though.”

Regardless of what fandom students are a part of—Patriots, Eagles, or hot wings—there is a resounding excitement on campus as the final hours pass before Sunday evening.

Keystone writers Kyle Krajewski, Kaylee Lindenmuth, Jade Wolfe and Grace Wein contributed to this story.

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