KU dean of students addresses campus parking at SGB meeting

By Rosemarie Naughton
Contributing Writer

Donavan McCargo, KU’s new Dean of Students, assured students at a recent Student Government Board meeting that concerns surrounding parking on campus have been heard.

McCargo recommended students use all available lots to prevent overcrowding.

“There are more parking spaces than drivers,” he told students at the SGB’s meeting on Oct. 17, adding that it’s a matter of utilizing all available lots instead of just the most convenient lots.

The Student Success committee coordinated with public safety in response to the complaints about parking. A survey went out last semester to determine which is the most frequented lot and the most popular hours students have class. McCargo used these results as a reference to respond to the student body.

“I think parking at the fairgrounds for underclassmen is inconvenient,” said Becca

Hemingway, a KU freshman. “But I was able to upgrade my pass and now I park right behind Bonner Hall. It’s awesome.”

In other news, the Student Government Board granted a $200 budget to the Geophysics Society. This society engages with students who have an interest in geophysics through working outside and performing tasks within the field.

The Geophysics society invites Geophysicists to speak at KU. Students can attend to hear valuable information and network within the field. They requested a budget to buy food for the speaking events as well as buy shirts for current members. Student Government Board granted their request.

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