Proceeds supply funds for missionary trip to Mexico

By Austin Geisinger
Contributing Writer


On Saturday, April 1 at the MSU, the Honors Program hosted a table to sell products from the nonprofit organization, Bead for Life. Bonnie Stichter, a member of Grace Church in Kutztown, was selling the products along side a bake sale fundraiser for The National Honor Society.

With the proceeds from the fundraiser, Ms. Stichter, Professor O’Niel, an associate professor for elementary education, and Honors students Trey Hennessy, Joanna Redcay, Katelyn Melder and Jacob Black will take a missionary trip to Mexico to help those in need.

The Honors students will use this trip as part of their Capstone project. The trip will take place June 19-28.

According to Stichter, the mission trip “helps the indigenous of Mexico” by teaching them trades such as pottery and sewing to contribute to the community. The missionary also helps to raise funds for schools in Mexico.

The home of the mission is Hacienda de Tepetitlán, a rural and rustic location with cement floors surrounded by mountains where Wi-Fi is scarce. “You get out of your comfort zone real quick,” said Stichter.

Eighty percent of the money raised will go back to the home of Beads for Life in Uganda. Ugandan women make paper bead products out of recycled material and receive money for their work.

Bead for Life in Uganda has been able to create an entrepreneurial business school to help the women of Uganda to learn a trade, to empower them, and to get out of poverty. Since 2004, Bead for Life has reached over 40,000 people in Uganda.


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