GameStop Informant: Beyond the Doors

By Levana Lowenhart

Video Game Writer

To all women,

I know working in a male-dominated profession may be one of the greatest or worst things that can be going on now. Well let me tell you, there is going to be a lot that happens that is going to push your buttons no matter what you do.

Yes, being a female working at GameStop can be awesome to the opposite sex but there will be some men who like to push buttons. Let me give an example: it was late during the afternoon and I was just about to finish my shift. A gentleman came in and I greeted him with, “Welcome to GameStop, my name is Levana. Is there anything that I can help you with?” He gave the response, “No, you may not know the answer.” So, he goes to my male co-worker and asks, “What day does MLB come out?” My co-worker, let us call him Shane, ended up looking on our POS data base for the answer for it. The answer to the question was March 28, and I knew that. Normally, I would not let ignorant people get to me, but this time, I felt that he was insulting my intelligence though I am a college-educated individual, I felt insulted. The message I am trying to convey is to take everything ignorant people say with a grain of salt. Do not take it to heart.

There was another incident where a teenage boy, probably about 17 or 18, came in looking very smug. It occurred with another female employee, let us call her Claire, and myself. Claire and I were the only employees set to run the store for the evening shift. I was in the middle of speaking to a customer when I looked back to see Claire looking very upset.

I overheard some of the conversation at hand, “So do you work here so they bring in more guys?” Then he went on asking her about all the games he had brought in. Most of the games she had played, but others she had not. I had played some, so of course I had to intervene. He was quite taken aback by what came out. By the end of it, he had an attitude and left and said, “B****’s shouldn’t work here.”

Do not let patriarchy make you feel wrong about anything that you are doing. I work at GameStop because of my knowledge of games and being able to sell. Know that whatever you are doing, you do because you enjoy it and you are good at it. Do what you enjoy.

Keep strong,

Levana Lowenhart

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