Virtual reality comes to STEAMworks

Virtual reality headset offers art programs, games

By Antaneyah Johnson

STEAMworks introduced a virtual reality headset for students to use this semester. Students get to be a part of the virtual reality that allows them to make images through an art program and play sports. It also includes other interactive programs.
HTC Vive, the virtual reality headset, is run through a computer. An area of the STEAMworks room has been marked with tape to create an open space for users.
The Vive comes with a headset, two wireless controllers, two base stations and other components. The base stations sync with the headset, allowing a wireless setup to provide the first person view, according to the VIVE website.
Students using the headset are provided with the remotes and, after time to set up, an image is projected of the virtual reality setting with the headset. STEAMworks staff assists students with the setup and provide instruction.
The tracking system gives a person his or her own GPS system. The VR gives students the freedom to move around and gain the perspective of entering the virtual world.
“Most of the time, students will be come here to use the VR game system,” said Atajan Abdyev, a senior computer science major with a minor in professional writing. “However, it is also open to the community as well.”
STEAMwork’s mission is for students to enrich their minds by supplying them the physical tools to create and help them inspire new ideas to help the community through the process of collaboration.
STEAMworks also holds information about upcoming workshops, which gives KU students the opportunity to learn new skills such as how to use a lamination machine.

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