Manifest performs at Shorty’s night club

By Ryan Vanderhei

Manifest, a local music group, performed at Shorty’s Bar in Kutztown on Friday, November 18.

The duo, made up of rapper Jake Supreme and singer Exodus, came on just before midnight. The two came out to their recently released song “Guilty Conscience,” which is their remix of a popular Wiz Khalifa track. The crowd was immediately drawn in and fully involved. Next, Jake and Ex performed a song called “No Id,” one that Jake described as a club hit.

They ended their performance with one of their favorite singles called “Stuck.” The song’s deep lyrics and innovative sound provided a proper close to their set. By the time they were finished, everyone in attendance bid them a farewell with a drawn-out clap.

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Photo courtesy of Manifest

In weeks prior to their appearance, Shorty’s had been implementing their music into the weekend DJ set list. The two are sure to return to Shorty’s in the future for another appearance, seeing as they market themselves through local shows.

They have previously performed in Schaeffer Auditorium, where they opened for hip-hop artist PNB Rock in addition to many talent shows and a Mr. KU showcase. They also had their music broadcast over the student run radio station KUR. Though the two currently reside in Kutztown as students, it is not the only place their music can be heard.

In the past, the duo has performed in many different cities for all different kinds of demographics. They have done several shows in the Philly, Allentown and Baltimore areas.

One of their more notable shows was held at Maingate Nightclub in Allentown at a showcase event for MBPro, the music group’s go-to recording studio. Manifest was also featured in their first ever exclusive interview and live performance shown on Berks TV. “We’re a team and we have a vision. We just work hard to spread our message to anyone we can,” said Ex.

Supreme and Ex said their main priority is set on growing their music and continuing to evolve. They have recently come out with official merchandise that fans can purchase and wear in support of the group.

“Supporting Manifest is supporting our movement,” said Supreme. Manifest is currently working on their debut mixtape, a continuation of their previous EP, “Speaking Into Existence,” which is expected to drop in January. The group has recently gotten buzz from their recent music video for their song “Heat” that was directed by fellow KU student Matt Dunstan. The group has a new video expected to debut soon.

The two have nearly just scratched the surface of the impact they hope to have on the world some day. “We just want to create a movement of positive music for the young crowd,” said Ex.

Manifest, meaning appearing to the eye, is the best way to describe the team and what they are all about. Supreme and Ex met when they were randomly assigned roommates in their sophomore year at KU. “Call it fate, call it whatever you want,” said Supreme. Whether it was fate or just a mere coincidence, there is no doubting that when the two perform, the chemistry they have is unexplainable. Everything they have is put into their music and when the last note fades out, all their energy is left on stage.

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