KU Snapchat filters hit campus

By Megan Kelly

Snapchat geo-filters provide users with filters that are unique to the city, town or area that they are in. Snapchat added a filter specifically for the KU area. Big cities and heavily populated areas were the first to get their own geo-filters, so when the geo-filter finally became available at Kutztown, students and users jumped to take part in the trend.

While using geo-filters, Snapchat marks the user’s location, and in certain areas, unique geo-filters are available. Every major city in the U.S. has a specific geo-filter.

There are several geo-filters available at Kutztown. Two geo-filters say “Kutztown University” and another refers to the Kutztown Borough as “A Most Agreeable Town.”

“When we first got the geo-filter for KU, it was kind of a huge thing,” said Carly Peel, a junior at KU. “The Kutztown filters were all over Snapchat.”

Users create and submit filters to the company and Snapchat chooses the geo-filter for the location.

When using the app, users can switch to the front-facing camera and give their faces effects such as dog-ears, a flower crown, scary masks and more.

“It’s fun to see what new filters they add everyday,” said Amy Markowski, a senior. “I think people use Snapchat a lot more now. Sometimes just for the filters.”

“The best part about the geo-filter is seeing the new ones you could never see when you go to a new place,” said Sarah Casciole, a senior at KU. “It makes traveling a little more fun.”

Snapchat has since enabled more new features on the app, like the memories feature. Technicians continuously work to brainstorm new ideas for the popular social media app.

Snapchat has been one of the top social media apps since its launch in December 2012. Founder Evan Spiegel and his friends first created the idea in a class at Stanford University.

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