90’s choker trend makes a come-back

By Raquel Lupo

Choker necklaces were once a big fad 20 years ago. This fashion statement was worn by celebrities and teens all across the country and is back in a big way.

As style trends continuously change throughout the years, history has a tendency of repeating itself, which is exactly what happened with choker necklaces. Choker necklaces, commonly referred to just as “chokers,” have officially hit the streets of KU. The necklace that was once a popular fashion statement in the 90’s, has resurrected and is being worn by females across campus.

Choker trend- people.com.jpg“I honestly feel like Beyoncé when I wear a choker,” said Gina Graf, 21, senior at KU. “Wearing one can make every girl feel like a sexier version of themselves.”

These necklaces that are worn on the middle of the neck, are made out of a plethora different materials. They can be made out of metals, fabrics, and even leathers while being delicate or even on the thicker side.

This recycled accessory has exploded all over stores at the local Lehigh Valley Mall. Stores like American Eagle, Forever 21, and Francesca’s make this fashion statement at an affordable cost for college students.

“Choker necklaces are this year’s perfect accessory,” said Adrianna Veneri, 21, a KU senior who is a Stylist at Francesca’s. “These necklaces are perfect because you can utilize them to dress up or dress down your outfit.”

Although many females wear these necklaces to class, women choose to showcase their favorite ones usually on a night out at the local Shorty’s Bar.

Many designers are making it easier for women as they are now attaching choker pieces to crop tops and bodysuits. This can potentially help shorten the time it takes for women to get ready because they can throw on their favorite top and already have a built in accessory.

“When I see females wearing a choker, I think of it as style,” says Sherief Sutton, 21, a KU senior. “But also,” he continued, “why do you want to wear something that tight around your neck?”

If there is a con to this popular new trend, it is that it had to get its name from somewhere. This little necklace coined the term “choker” because it synchs snug around the neck and if worn too tight, can cause a slight choking feeling. Luckily, there are adjustable ties or clasps so each girl can customize her perfect fit.

“Trends come and go in this small town so it is going to be interesting to see how much longer this fad lasts before it’s trashed,” said Dominique Martino, 22, a KU senior.

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