Fur-vests: A warm trend for the cold months

By Sierra Hunsicker

The fashion trend of fur vests is starting to make a comeback to the millennial population. The fashion trend is on the rise with new products and designs. Students at KU are starting to wear these fashion statements all around the campus.

When wearing the fur vest, KU student Jessica Szilagyi said “wear it with a pair of skinny jeans and booties and you’ll look like you just walked a runway.” Szilagyi said it honestly does not matter if its real of fake. The fake furs look cuter than the real most of the time and why not save the animals.

According to Vogue, the trend of the faux fur is the one to go with for this season. Vogue states it seems like no fall outfit is complete without some form of fur or faux fur. The vest makes the outfit come to life. Vogue touched on the cost and how you can get the runway look without having your pockets run away from you.

When the weather gets cold, new and old trends come back to life. The fur vest fashion trend started in the late 70s. Philadelphia University fashion student Molly McHugh said “you would be surprised at how many varieties of fur vests there actually [are.]”

The fur vest is used mostly in the fall because of its sleeveless look. The fall weather mornings are colder than nights. Some people wear the vest with a heavy sweater or a light long sleeve tee shirt.

Many KU students are cold when outside but warm in the classroom with a long heavy jacket. This can be fixed with the use of a fur vest for the mixture of temperatures you deal with in every day.

McHugh said “the vest can be very thick and heavy or thin and light.” She also stated there are vest interchanges from fur to leather. Some say that this trend is not anything they want to be apart of. Gina Graf, an animal activist at KU stated “whether its fake or real, I want nothing to do with this trend. It is repulsive.”

Whether you are for the fur vest coming back or not it is a trend that is coming to KU campus and taking over the fashion world. The vests can be found at the local Lehigh Valley Mall in stores like FOREVER21, Charolette Russe, American Eagle and even our local thrift store.


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