Dance-craze takes millennials by storm

By Cassie Krackow

“JuJu on that Beat” by Zayion McCall has everybody at KU either dancing or scowling. This is new dance craze that has become viral on the Internet- a trend that is igniting a variety of responses from KU students.

This popular dance is easily recognizable, as it has a set sequence of popular moves that coordinate perfectly with a hip-hop song.

It is nearly impossible to avoid while scrolling on Facebook. People tape themselves doing their version of the dance and upload it to the internet.

KU students have been hearing this song at parties, on their Facebook feeds and in their heads for weeks.

Many have positive feelings about this trend and some have negative, and their views differ as to why people choose to do this viral challenge in the first place.

KU senior Dana Schoettle admits to making a version of the dance with her boyfriend and posting it to the internet. “We did it for fun, and we added funny twists that only our friends who saw the video would understand,” she said. “We posted it to Facebook to get a few laughs but after a while, all of our friends shared it and while it didn’t become viral, it was pretty well circulated through our friend group.”

Stefani Wharton, a KU junior, compared this viral dance trend to ones she has seen in the past year. “It’s just like the Whip and Nae Nae dances that were out over the summer,” said Wharton. “I don’t really get it; however, I’m not offended by it.”

She said the first time she saw the dance was during the Ellen DeGeneres show and that even though she does not understand the craze, she accepts it because it is not offensive or inappropriate, especially with kids doing it on the internet as well.

On the other hand, junior Jamie Austin said it has had a positive impact on people, bringing people together to dance and for entertainment purposes or good causes. “I personally have never done it because I don’t know the dance, but a lot of my friends have. It’s fun to see the different spins they put on it,” Austin said.

A video came out of a woman doing this dance in a medical setting wearing a hospital gown.

The video was made by a woman who had cancer along with her friend to bring a light side to chemotherapy.

Haleigh Recza, a KU senior, says that while some people are doing it for entertainment purposes, most do it for the sole purpose of becoming viral or “Internet famous.” “I think it could be that some people are just having fun with it, while others do it to achieve internet fame and to be recognized as viral,” Recza said.

There are some who seem to find this craze as a negative thing.

One person was severely opposed and had a very strong opinion on the viral dance craze. Garrett Dietz, a senior said, “People who do this dance and post it to the Internet are just doing it because it’s a popular trend. They want to get fame, likes and attention. I would never do this, it’s embarrassing and I think the people who’ve done it will regret it when they look back on their lives.”

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