A special edition focused on graduation and career outlooks

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By Andrew Kutzer

This special edition of The Keystone is dedicated to informing students on the jobs market and its surrounding topics. For the special edition, we have put aside the traditional sections: news, opinions, A&E and sports, in order to provide an in-depth view of opportunities and challenges students may see when moving forward in their career.

The Keystone’s mission is to cover campus and local news in order to keep our readers informed with timely, accurate stories and to promote social discourse. Our student writers do this by holding to deadlines and writing to hone our craft.

We decided a major part of our mission, especially as a college newspaper, is to provide students with the best information available. We do this through a skill that we practice in our years at KU, and that is reporting.

In 16 pages, our hardworking writers, editors and copy-editors have contributed in writing and editing articles about topics ranging from: future job outlooks, graduates in search of employment, teaching programs abroad and professor interviews on their experiences in job searching.

A majority of these articles come from students in a freelance journalism course. These students practiced their writing skills during this semester and have worked to get published in and around KU. They each searched, interviewed and wrote two or more articles to contribute to the special edition.

Our writers spent hours researching, interviewing professors and members of administration and talking to students in order to provide readers with the most accurate picture on the jobs market.

A major part of this issue intends to inform our student readers of the many different offices and programs KU offers to support student success, including the Career Development Center and the Alumni Office.

Our contributing writer, Veronica Neff describes the challenges of living off $30,000 a year. Maverick Stock wrote a piece on the career development center and how it benefits students and alumni. A&E editor Gabby Laracca has an article for students wondering about wardrobe essentials for a college graduate.

We would like to thank all of our writers and editors for their work on this special edition and on the issues to come.

And most of all, thank you to our readers.

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