By Andrew Kutzer

Lady Blossoms will hold their fourth annual fashion show with five Philadelphia designers, modeling their clothing on April 30.

KU’s Afro-Caribbean Collision Dance Group will perform at the fashion show. According to Jareese Long, president of Lady Blossoms, the event will include an open rap contest where some students will be allowed to perform on stage. A raffle will also be held between performances.

“It’s a way to get students involved and other organizations involved,” said Long.

According to Long, Philadelphia designers Milano, Beads for Beauties, Black Excellence, Abstract Thought and Baltiere will showcase clothing designs at the event.

Three scenes will accompany the fashion walks on stage according to Long. The first designs for the act will portray a modern Black Panthers style and facts about the organization will be projected along with pictures.

“People think that they were just a rebellious militant group that was here to destroy stuff, and that’s not the case. They actually did a lot for their communities,” said Long.

In between each scene, clothing from designers will be showcased.

The second act will include a rap performance by Eli Kappela, along with models walking on stage. Models will display swimwear designs.

According to Long, a final scene will be centered on clothing that is “all white with a splash,” focusing on clothing designs that are mostly white with hints of color.

Cynthia Toe, KU student of Beads and Beauties and Arsenio Allen will be selling merchandise.

Previous fashion shows have been centered on different themes. “One year we had a Disney theme, and the year before, a modeling troupe came called Impact Models,” said Long.

The fashion show started in 2012 with the founding of their organization and is used as a fundraiser. Announcements for the show began in September and students were able to enter until March. Every member of the student body was permitted to enter.

The event will be held in the MSU multi-purpose room. Students with IDs will be charged $7 and those without will be charged $10.


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