By Viviana Vidal

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KU’s newly renovated Cub Cafe has been operating for roughly four weeks now since its grand opening last month.

The roughly $9 million upgrade provides spacious seating and interactive food stations with made-to-order menu options. “I was really impressed with the design. Getting food is very quick,” said electronic media major,” Brian Kulp

According to Director of Residence, Housing Life and Dining Service, Kent Dahlquist, the basis for the renovations came from two years of assessments with dining consultants for a need to have a full dining hall program on the north side of campus.

New stations within the new Cub Cafe include the international and home-style options, the grill, deli, salad bar and the bakery. “It was a beautiful renovation. Definitely a transformation,” said elementary education major, Sam Jimenez.

Since its debut, Dahlquist was asked how the student and faculty response has been so far. “I have spent much time in the Cub Café talking to both students and staff/faculty,” said Dahlquist.

“I have received nothing but positive responses. There have been times that lines are too long for some, but all in all it has been very well received based on the people I have talked to.”

Some students enjoy the new renovations, while others still have their reservations. “I like the seating and how the food tastes, but my only problem is the lack of overall space as well as the fact that you can’t take your food on the go anymore. It was really convenient being able to just grab and go,” said Jimenez.

“Not a good idea for someone with less than an hour to eat. Absolutely nothing to grab and go so it just doesn’t work for me and most other faculty members that I have spoken to,” said Professor Barish.

The cafe is the second of a four-phase project to renovate KU’s on-campus dining options. The next scheduled renovation is the South Dining Hall Food Court beginning in March and opening in Fall 2016.


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