By Gabriella Ciaccio & Andrew Kutzer

Makerspaces are DIY spaces where people can gather to create, invent and learn. A makerspace can be anything from a book cart filled with arts and crafts to a table in a corner set up with some LEGOs and Play-doh. There is no such thing as one form of Makerspace 1makerspace. Makers are artists, crafters, knitters, builders, painters, inventors, bakers, chefs, graphic designers and more. There is no limit to makerspace or the people who are part of it. The most important thing about makerspace is that it acts as a collaborative environment for creators to feel free.

The makerspace phenomenon emerged initially from the Milwaukee Makerspace. It originated in a small library, where members wanted to create a space that focused on non-academic learning.

The Rohrbach Library’s new makerspace room is going to allow students to practice crafting and designing. The makerspace will contain crafting materials, tiling, soldering tools, vinyl lettering, a 3D printer and a small video studio.

“There’s something a-foot now called the maker movement. It’s a product of the way the Internet facilitates information. It’s so easy to make something cool, capture a video of it and put it on the web,” said Bruce Jensen, emerging technologies librarian.

According to Jensen, introductory workshops will be available throughout the semester, allowing students the information to use the materials and tools available.

“For me, it’s an extension of everything. You can come in here and work with technology but we also encourage you to come in and play with LEGOs, if you like,” said Dubois, a library support staff member.

KU Technology club plans on mini-maker fair in April.

“The maker movement to me is the idea that you don’t have to throw something away when it breaks. That there’s a certain satisfaction in being able to put something together, or repair it or make it better than it was before,” said Jensen.

The makerspace will have official hours from 8-4:30 p.m. daily, but staff will be available after.


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