By Kolby Dillon

With the advance in technology over the last twenty years, most people below the age of thirty have an addiction to their cellular device, which is a problem when it comes to school.

Cellphones are used for almost everything. Cellphones have become hand held laptops that students in college and in high school use every day, and most can’t seem to put their cellphones away.

It can be a distraction to everyone in the classrooom because professors sometimes stop and address the problem.

It is also a problem within the educational system because students go on the Internet during a test and cheat. Before, cheating was near impossible during a test.

Yes, some people will disagree that cellphones are not being used to cheat and that they aren’t a distraction in the classroom, but they are.

With social media playing a big part in society, it encourages students to remain on their phones. Maybe you’re studying and you decide to check one of your social media accounts, you could end up on that site for over an hour.

When asked if cellphones should be banned in school, former English teacher Jesse Scaccia replied with, “As a former New York City public-school teacher, I can tell you that cell phones don’t belong in the classroom. A student with a cell phone is an uninterested student, one with a short attention span who cares more about socializing than education.”

Cellphones need to be prohibited during any class unless being used properly. For example, a professor at KU allows students to use their cell phone as a calculator if they have forgotten their calculator, but prohibits phones during tests regardless if you have forgotten your calculator.

The reason for that is because the professor could be assisting another student on the test and you can easily stop using the calculator on your phone and access the Internet for the answer.

Education is always going to be a major contribution to success and all we want for our students is for them to try their hardest.

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  1. Alex Jarossy Class of 2015 Avatar
    Alex Jarossy Class of 2015

    I cheated on every test I had with my cell phone. Dumbass Profs lol


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