Comedy fans laugh out loud in Philly

By Alicia Ceccarelli

The multifaceted Aziz Ansari performed his newly acclaimed stand-up routine to a packed house at the Wells Fargo Center in South Philadelphia on Sept. 26.

Fans who have followed Ansari on his journey through his twenties will testify that his act is evolving with his manhood. He has fewer stories about clubbing out of his league with Kanye West or R. Kelly after parties, and more observances of the pathetic tales of the singles scene, which is equally, if not more hilarious.

In his newfound wisdom, he develops a metaphor to describe his struggle in relationships. The lusty excitement of new, shallow relationships are referred to as yummy “Skittles®,” while deeper, committed relationships are “wholesome, nutritious salads.”

A key to Ansari’s success in connecting with his fans has always been audience involvement, but this year, Ansari took it to another level. He questions how people prefer to be rejected by the other sex. A few men daring enough, and not fully aware of Ansari’s next move, held up their phones to prove they held a text conversation between someone they were dating who stood them up. The ever-curious comedian stood on-stage scrolling through the volunteer’s phone, sharing the juicy unraveling of the new relationship and doling on a serving of his unique improvisation.

Ansari took the man’s strife personally once it was revealed that the date he offered was to accompany him to Ansari’s show that very night. Ansari did not hesitate to dial her number. He coordinated a panoramic shot of the entire theatre in unison, asking the girl by name: “How could you do this?” From the front row, it was clear that a woman was watching through the other side of the phone, live with Ansari!

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