By Haley Bianco

Coahoma Soul performing this summer Photo courtesy of Dillon Snyder
Coahoma Soul performing this summer
Photo courtesy of Dillon Snyder

Local band, Coahoma Soul, has found the balance between schoolwork and performing. Over the summer, the band kept busy with several shows per week. The band is made up of KU student and bass player/percussionist Dillon Snyder, lead singer/guitarist Zach Alex, drummer Tim Mayo and singer/guitarist Alex Siwik.

   The band was formed a year ago in September 2013. Snyder describes their music as folk-rock. When listening to their music, influences of blues, rock, country and punk are tied into their songs. Snyder credits their unique sound to their different musical influences when growing up.

   Coahoma Soul adds a fun element to their shows by switching instruments. “Halfway through our set, our drummer, Tim, will come up and play guitar and sing a couple of tunes, while our lead singer, Zach, goes back and plays the drums,” said Snyder. “It keeps the show interesting… not only for the audience, but for us as well.”  

   This past summer the band played in Philadelphia at The Fire and The Grape Room in Manayunk. “It was a cool experience to be able to play on the same stage that many of our idols once played on during the beginning stages of their career,” said Snyder.

   They also performed locally with full audiences in Boyertown, Spring City and Blandon. “It’s a cool thing when people are entertained and intrigued by the songs we wrote together as a band,” said Snyder. “It is a very fulfilling feeling to know that people actually enjoy something we all had a part of writing.”

   While they had a successful summer on stage, they all had to return to their colleges for the fall semester. When asked about finding the balance between schoolwork and time for the band, Snyder says, “It’s best to budget your time. It won’t be easy, but if you have a strong passion for something, like I do for music, you will adjust and make the time.”

   Snyder says he knows a lot of people who gave up on their music when they went to college, but he encourages musicians to push through because it is a rewarding experience.

   Currently, Coahoma Soul is taking a few weeks to settle back into the flow of school. Snyder is currently interning for Clear Channel Radio in Allentown, Pa. Their next show is scheduled for Oct. 10 in Oley, Pa. at the fair grounds. The proceeds from this show will go towards cancer research. To listen to the sounds of Coahoma Soul, check out their music on their website:

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