C&B Development withdraws from the meeting seven hours before

By Kaitlyn Resline

On Feb. 16, KU students and community members attended the Maxatawny Township Planning Commission meeting, led by Chairman Don Bucci, to speak against the C&B Development LLC Warehouse preliminary plan. The meeting room reached its maximum capacity of 120 people.

Photo Credit: Victoria Fischer

Seven hours before the meeting, C&B Development asked to be removed from the “Plans for Review” section of the meeting agenda. 

Professor Janna Gregonis became involved in the township meetings after noticing traffic rule violations, cars speeding by flashing bus lights and zoning violations. She realized the only way to know what was happening in the township was to attend the meetings. 

“I think the fact that the developer pulled out at the last minute is telling,” Gregonis said. “They have and continue to avoid the public and our concerns.”

Photo Credit: Victoria Fischer

The KU Student Government Board released a follow-up statement encouraging students to attend the meeting and speak:  

“Because it has been removed from the agenda, we must wait until the end of the meeting for public comments regarding the warehouse, as it is now a non-agenda item. We will also not be able to address the C&B developers directly with our questions/concerns.”

Students expressed concerns about the increase of traffic and pedestrian safety. If the plan is accepted, the warehouse will replace a mobile home community.  

“I talked to the mobile community and it gave me so much perspective,” SGB representative Elizabeth Kolb said. “If this warehouse construction is approved, this mobile home community will be gone. The low income residents will lose the only home they have.” 

The next scheduled meeting will be during KU’s spring break. C&B Development said it plans to attend.

“The presence of the students is imperative and impressive. The development will forever change KU and the surrounding area, and we need the voices of the residents,” Gregonis said. “Many people forget that the students of KU are residents and should have their concerns heard.” 


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