Schuylkill Hall resident active in three clubs

By Paula Guarderas

CA Danny Gonzalez holding the KU Bear’s hand
Photo Credit: Danny Gonzalez

Danny Xavier Gonzalez, or “Macho” to his family members, is a sophomore from Reading, PA in his first year working as a CA at Schuykill Hall. His main tasks are to enforce guidelines and be a resource for the residents. Danny decided to become a CA due to the position’s various perks and because “the previous CA sucked,” he explained.

Danny’s biggest strengths are his optimism and being a good listener, but confrontation is his greatest weakness as he dislikes conflict. Due to this, his least favorite aspect of the job is policy enforcement-it feels like he’s “punishing somebody”, though he enjoys making the door tags for the residents.

Gonzalez is a sophomore, with goals of pursuing a master’s degree in psychology in hopes of working as a middle school guidance counselor. He often had to switch schools when he was younger, so now he wants to be a figure other students can confide in.

His support does not stop at children, as he is also part of three clubs at KU: BSU, NAACP, and ALLYS, where its members focus on making campus life better for the Black, POC, and LGBTQ+ communities respectively. Before attending Kutztown, he was a student at Schuylkill Haven Area High School, and a member of its Key Club, which involved community service.

Despite being a full-time student, a CA, and a member of several clubs, Danny still manages to have time for himself. In his spare time, he likes to hang out with friends or visit family, where he watches TV or plays video games. Over the summer he works at Dollar General.

His older cousin, Emanuel, had the greatest impact on Danny’s life. Danny described him as a “well-rounded person.” Emanuel had been a good role model, given that he was a fine athlete and graduated a year before Danny. He considers graduating high school and attending college to be his biggest accomplishment thus far, whereas his biggest regret is getting distracted from his classwork and not achieving “the best grade I could have” says Danny. 

Danny grew up in Reading, Pa. and described it as “nice in certain parts” despite recalling a riot that occurred outside his school. It was in that city that he met his best friend, after all. The main reason he chose to be a resident at Schuylkill Hall was because a friend of his was staying there. Many teachers from his high school were KU graduates, so they frequently promoted the college. Danny paid the school a couple of visits and fell in love with it. His only minor gripe was with the food’s quality. His fondest memories at KU happened during Freshman year when he and his friend group would stand in the hallway and “talk for hours at least once a week.”


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