By Fern Theobaldo

Professor Randall Kennedy will answer the question, “Can patriotic feelings for a nation-state be justified?” in his lecture on November 17th. The lecture will be at the Shaffer Auditorium at 4:30 p.m. 

The Department of Philosophy and Government announces its 10th annual UNESCO World Philosophy Day Lecture on Patriotism and the African American featuring Professor Kennedy. 

This year’s lecture is dedicated to the memory of those who lost loved ones to COVID-19. 

Kennedy’s lecture is to honor his father, Henry Harold Kenned, an African American citizen who self-consciously denied feelings of affection for the United States. “He fulfilled his obligations as a citizen out of prudence not patriotism,” said Kennedy. 

Kennedy is a professor at Harvard Law school, where he teaches courses on criminal law, contracts, and regulations of race relations. He attended Princeton University, Oxford University, and Yale Law school. 

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