By Kristina Hartz

On Nov. 9 and 11, KU is hosting their second annual Indigenous Film Festival in partnership with the Widoktadwen Center for Native Knowledge in Reading. 

The first film showings are on Wed. Nov. 9 in MSU room 183: 

12-2 p.m. – Ama 

3-5 p.m. –  Awake 

6-8 p.m. – More than a Word 

There will be four showing times on Friday, Nov. 11 in MSU 218: 

12-1 p.m. – Film Shorts in Indigenous Fashion  

1-2 p.m. – Film shorts on Two Spirits and Feminism 

3-5 p.m. – Home from School

6-8 p.m. – Rhymes for Young Ghouls  

Student Alex Torres, a member of the group organizing the festival speaks on its importance: “I feel that it’s very important that we do festivities like the Indigenous Film Festival the same way we do for Black History month or Women’s History Month. It’s about representing the real truth about Indigenous People and their culture. For so long our country has blindly represented Indigenous People’s history, culture, and heritage throughout America’s history, in Halloween costumes, and of course, in media.”


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