By Sarah Kearney

New York Fashion week started in 1943 and since then has launched one of the biggest fashion events of each year. Every year, Fashion week is held usually in mid to early September each year. 230,000 people visit each year with over 300 shows. 

A KU alumni walked in New York fashion week. Marcus Kane Pitt graduated from Kutztown in December of 2021 with a criminal justice degree and is currently working as an intelligence analyst for ViaPath Technologies.

Along with his job, Marcus also is a social-network star on Tik-Tok with about 730,000 followers and each video getting over a million views. One of his most viewed videos is at 38.6 million views. Marcus has been modeling for a lot of well known brands for quite some time now including, Fellah Auto Group, Transguy Supply, and Cake Bandit.

Marcus is a 23-year-old transgender man who is an advocate for LGBTQ+ communities and is constantly reaching out to help anyone. This was his first time walking in a fashion show or even being at one. He explains how welcoming and exciting the experience was, he has never felt “that much unconditional love all in one place at one time.”

One step that was hard for him to overcome was his stage fright but after taking a few steps on the runway the fear was shaken off by adrenaline. Marcus goes on to explain that his modeling career was sparked by his followers and he wants to show everyone that no matter where you come from or what you look like, you are beautiful. 

Agencies can be tricky but keeping true to yourself is what you can always count on. Marcus found an agency that worked with him and made him feel comfortable while also helping launch his new modeling career. He hopes to keep doing shoots and runways in the future and helping show people that anything is possible.

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