“No matter your reason, don’t doubt your own ability to bring change.”

By Abby Regensburger

Last month, PA State Representative and Democratic Lieutenant Governor nominee Austin Davis answered questions related to KU and the surrounding community.

When asked what advice he had for college students wanting to get involved in politics, Davis said, “No matter your reason, don’t doubt your own ability to bring change. Take the first step, and find a cause or candidate that you’re passionate about and sign up to help. Your age doesn’t really matter, you all really have an enormous amount of power to make change in your communities.”

Along with questions about college students in general, Davis was asked how he and Attorney General and Democratic Pennsylvania Governor Nominee Josh Shapiro would protect the rights of people assigned female at birth, as well as the LGBTQ+ community on campus. Davis said, “There have been an unprecedented amount of attacks on the rights of LGBTQ citizens. A record number of anti-LGBTQ+ and anti-abortion legislation has been moving through legislators across the country and in this commonwealth. Josh and I have always fought for Pennsylvanians’ fundamental freedoms and rights, and we won’t stop now. In Harrisburg, we will protect and expand those rights.” 

Davis was also asked how he would support businesses, as many business owners are fearing a recession in the future.

Businesses are struggling to deal with labor shortages and a lack of skilled workers, both of which impact businesses and workers. Josh and I will work to create opportunities for both workers and businesses by investing more in apprenticeship programs and career tech educational programs. Investing in our workers and small businesses is an investment in our economy.”

Finally, Davis gave some words of advice to young voters on edge about voting in the 2022 Pennsylvania General race.

“Everything is on the line from voting rights to reproductive rights. Our commonwealth’s future is on the line, not just the trajectory of this commonwealth for the next four years. We need you now more than ever. You’re the future of Pennsylvania. It may be Josh and I’s name on the ballot, but it’s your future that is on the line. Never doubt your own ability to make change. You have to get off the sidelines and get in the game. This is the most critical election of our lifetime in Pennsylvania.”


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