By Devin Bender, Sports Editor

Tuition is enough money spent as a college student. Why are tickets to the University’s games $7.00? What most people might not know is that KU offers free game tickets to Kutztown students. 

To take advantage of this offer, simply create an account on Click on the top right corner where it says, “Log In/ Register,” then click on “Students/Faculty/Staff.”

A KU football player catching the ball for a touchdown.
Credit: vincent Lattanzi

Once at this point, students must put in their KU ID and other credentials to begin finding their favorite KU sports for free. Going to a game with a roommate has never been easier.

The website makes it simple to navigate all upcoming events and ticket sales up to two months in advance. There are many games to choose from, so make sure to look for games early on.

Of course, if a KU student wants to bring a family member or friend, then they can pick one KU student ticket and one corresponding ticket. There is even an option for group discounts if the group has ten or more members.

So take advantage of the college experience and go enjoy a sport entirely free of charge. As the Spring Semester unfolds, KU students have much to choose from: Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Baseball, and Softball. All tickets can be purchased in advance up to game day.

Unfortunately, if the game is not at KU, the prices can vary. Some universities offer other college students discounts, while others may not. In addition, discounts at KU do not apply to alumni or other party members and are exclusively for current students.
Visit for detailed dates and information on upcoming games at Kutztown University.


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