By Devin Bender
Sports Editor

Michael Reynolds is a professional in the sports management field. He currently works as the president and general manager for the Lancaster Brainstormers at Clipper Magazine stadium. He graduated from Johnson and Wales with a Bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Photo of a Phillies Game during the Summer, Noticeable empty seats
Credit: Vincent Lattanzi

Discussing some of the problems that Clipper Magazine Stadium is facing, Reynolds said Major League Baseball is losing its audience to the NBA and NFL due to the lack of constant action, and clipper Magazine stadium faced problems in their company during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company could no longer host baseball games and had to reduce their staff to keep the employees safe throughout the pandemic.

Reynolds and the rest of the team found opportunities to generate revenue to help with finances by hosting COVID-19-safe events throughout the pandemic.

Going into 2021, the company wanted to reinvite guests to the field. However, they were worried about attendance rates due to the pandemic and whether or not guests would feel comfortable coming back.

As a health precaution, the company bought paper products such as plates and other important needs for the next year to keep the areas clean with minimal  risk of germ transfer.

The team also needed to think about how the sponsors were going to respond. They also needed to consider if anybody would be comfortable and want to work. 

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