Dining Hall Workers Lead Rally in Unionization Effort

By Julia Deyoung, Assistant News Editor and
Olivia Nyce, Contributing Writer

A rally was held outside the South Dining Hall Oct. 21, where the dining workers fought for unionization, fair wages, and respect.

“We are fighting to improve service and availability for the students and make it a place where people want to work,” said Teri, a dining worker at KU. “It can be very short-staffed at times and if things change, it will be a place people want to work.”

Group Photo of Students and Workers Protesting for Union Efforts
Credit: Vincent Lattanzi

With the dining halls being short-staffed because of the pandemic, the workers feel they deserve to be treated better as proper employees and be provided better wages to support themselves and their families. 

“We are here for the students but we also want things to be better for our families,” said Teri. 

According to the Dining Workers United Instagram profile, KU is the last of the PASSHE schools to not have a union for their dining workers. 

“I feel like it is amazing the dining workers are doing this,” said Sara Cabry, a Sophomore at KU. “Being the only school in PASSHE without a dining workers union, they deserve better.”

Another rally was also held outside of Andre Reed Stadium on Oct. 30 before the homecoming football game to fight for the rights of the dining hall workers. 

Those interested in learning more about the efforts of the KU dining workers can stay up to date by going to their Instagram profile here

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