By Nichole Schleihauf
Arts & Entertainment Editor

KU football beat ESU on Oct. 02, 2021, at Andre Reed Stadium. The tied game ended with a touchdown pass from Eric Nickel to Darryl Davis-McNeil that secured KU’s victory.

The two teams were well matched with the PSAC naming KU’s Antuan Lloyd as the Defensive Athlete of the Week and East Stroudsburg’s Rece Bender as Special Team’s Athlete of the Week. In the past nine matchups between the teams, KU has won nine of the last ten matchups against East Stroudsburg. 

Not long into the first quarter, Nickel opened the game with a 3-yard touchdown off the right side into the end zone, earning a touchdown for KU. Nick Coppolino secured the extra point, making the score 7-0. 

A short kick from East Stroudsburg gave KU good field placement for their next touchdown. The score was 14-0.

In the second quarter, East Stroudsburg began to gain traction with less than 5 minutes left in the half. They scored a touchdown, which was the first one scored against KU at home this season. At half, the score was 14-7. 

After a scoreless third quarter, ESU rushed for a 30-yard touchdown. With a fair extra point, the score was tied 14-14 

KU secured the victory after a 67-yard pass from Nickel to Jerome Kapp put KU within two yards of the end zone. Davis-McNeil scored the victory with a touchdown and Coppolino scored the extra point.

KU will be back at Andre Reed Stadium against Shippensburg on Oct. 16. Kickoff is 5:05 p.m.

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